Limited Space (2016)

  • Winner of the Bento Box Development Deal at NYTVF Pilot Competition

In wake of an impending population density crisis, every household on Earth must send one member to live on The Ark: a shuttle sent to space, never to return.

Immortality of the Conscious Mind (2016)

  • Kickstarter funded student project

A group of young and eager minds make a revolutionary breakthrough when they discover a doorway into an infinitum of alternate realities

Yellow (2016)

  • Lyric video for musician Leo Xia

Yellow is a young Chinese American's (Leo Xia) reaction to learning about the Chinese Massacre of 1871

Thunderbolt Studios Promo Video (2015)

  • Created on-screen animations to showcase Thunderbolt Apps

Thunderbolt Studios is a digital design and custom technology development company that specializes in the creation of disruptive digital & mobile brands and applications